Never Imagined

Ten years ago, I was in a dark place with my addiction. A feeble attempt at suicide left me hospitalized and committed by the state. I got another trip to treatment. In treatment, I experienced H&I for the first time. I saw these strange groups of people speak about what I felt and experienced. They seemed content and happy to not have drugs.

My Story

The last thing on my mind when I came in the door was to stay clean. After spending several months in jail east women, the judge told me that I could stay another 5 years or go to treatment…. So off I went. It took me a while to want to “want to” stay clean. The basic text and NA in Memphis was in its infancy, we received the gray manuscript in treatment, and it had not been published yet. I could feel the hope all around me but it was still a struggle to let go of the only way I knew to live.