What is a Home Group?

“A Narcotics Anonymous group is any meeting of two or more recovering addicts who meet regularly at a specific time and place for the purpose of recovery from the disease of addiction. All Narcotics Anonymous groups are bound by the principles of the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of NA. primary purpose—to carry the message of recovery to the addict who still suffers.”
-- IP The Group.

Thinking of an NA Home Group reminds me of…accountability, belonging, service, commitment, love, compassion, freedom, safety, unity, teamwork, encouragement & sharing experience, strength, and hope.

All of these words describe my immortal and important very first home group (Yes it also describes my current one and others I’ve had!). I LOVED my first home group. It has been suggested to me that maybe I have even put it on a pedestal. Of course I have an overwhelming feeling of gratitude, love & affection for a group I truly believed saved my life and gave me a foundation to build a life in recovery. It was the first time I can remember really feeling like I belonged and completely safe to share my innermost thoughts and feelings without judgment.

I grew up in a family where feelings were discouraged, and it was better to act like everything was all right. For the first time, this home group gave me freedom to be completely myself, crying, crazy and all that mess. Nothing hidden, no secrets, no pretending. Oh such freedom! I looked forward to going every week. The group gave me the position of secretary and I felt like they needed me to help. We had structured business meetings and they encouraged me to continue and learn different service positions, like GSR. Over the years I’ve held them all.

When I found my current home group, I chose it because it reminds me of my first group. I love the honesty and open sharing. Feeling safe to share whatever is on my heart is one of the most important parts of a group for me. I heard when I first got clean, “You never know what might get you high, so share it all!” It’s important to me to feel safe, encouraged, and compassion from my fellow home group members. So if you are looking for that kind of group, come visit. We would love to have you!

By Hannah M - Thursday Nighters - The Clean Times

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