New Website Features

We are very excited to be finalizing our new West TN Area website which has not had a redesign since the mid-2000s.
I wanted to give you an overview of the site features and some things that are different from the previous site.

Subscribe to the Calendar

By subscribing to the Calendar from your Android or iPhone device, events will automatically show up on your phone.
No need to ever miss an event again. Simply click the subscribe button here or on the front page of the website


This is one of the neatest thing the new site offers, events simply appear on your device when you view your calendar.

Site Newsletter and Notifications

Another vast improvement is the newsletter and site notifications are now handled by MailChimp. This cloud based service allows us to easily manage users, and the common issue of people not knowing how to unsubscribe has been resolved. The service is fully encrypted and member anonymity is ensured way beyond what we could offer before.

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Mobile Support

The site has been designed to support mobile and handheld devices. It will attempt to recognize your screen size and show our content in a windows that's easy to read and scroll. This will greatly improve an addict's ability to find a meeting on their phone. We are also working on taking advantage of the GPS feature, that will show the addict exactly where the meetings are near their current location.

Meetings By Map

A phone call can now be made by simply clicking

(901) 276-LIVE (5483)

Regional Meeting Database

We are now utilizing the Volunteer Region's BMLT meeting database. This allows us to see Nashville's meetings just by zooming out on the map.

Member Area Content Management

You don't have to be a web developer to add content to the site. We now have the ability for the Area Secretary to post minutes, guidelines etc to the site, and also sub-committees can update their own content, minutes, and guidelines.

Online Donations

How often do you not have cash in a meeting? Addicts can now donate directly on the website. We secure each transaction with PayPal.

New Features

Because we are using a modern web design technology, we will always have the ability to add features and improve.

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