Finding Hope in a Dopeless World

High On Life

I could go on and on about what the concept of NA means to me. The unity of the people in the program and the hope that I gained from our literature are the most important parts of the program to me. Coming from an addict family and falling so far into my addiction over the years, I desperately need structure and a new message of hope in my life when I got out of rehab. I was totally against any type of 12 step program upon entering rehab. I was still stuck in my headstrong ways and was in denial about my addiction. I refused to accept the fact that I had a serious problem. After rehab, I started to attend more and more meetings, and get a feel for the community. I saw a great deal of unity within these meetings. I found out why and how our literature worked. I took the suggestions. I started to understand that a 12 step program had worked for all of these people, as well as many around the world. They weren't faking the happiness. People offered topics in meetings and others shared how they got through them without using. If someone was really struggling to stay clean, I noticed other members would talk to that person after the meeting was over. It wasn't uncommon for others to willingly give a new comer their number and offer a hug and a kind word. What really started to stand out to me was how welcoming others were when someone came back from a relapse. Relapse is a part of my story, so when I would come back I was always welcomed. It was a rocky road for me so I appreciate those who always welcomed me with open arms. My sponser never gave up on me and started to encourage me to share more in meetings. The further into my program I got, I soon became the one who would welcome the newcomers and those who had gone out and came back. The joy of unity is now a part of me and my program. I often share my experience, strength, and hope in meetings to better help newcomers or those who are struggling. It wasn't any easy concept to grasp but it does help with my recovery as well as those who need it. I also have found a great deal of comfort and strength through our literature. I have yet to find an area of my life that I can't find help through our literature. The steps are explained thoroughly in our literature and it offers a great deal of comfort.. The stories provided me with an overall look and how and why our program works all over the world through all walks of life. There's is an overall message of hope in the literature that is the most outstanding part of the NA program to me.

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