Why I Do Service Work

What is service work? Why is it necessary? How does it help? Why do I need to do it?
These are questions many addicts ask. First of all, service work in the most general sense
can include being of service in any capacity and can include serving in civic, social, or religious
capacities. But for our purposes here, we will focus on service to Narcotics Anonymous. Even
this covers a broad spectrum of activities including opening the doors and setting up for a home
group meeting, sponsorship, serving the group as GSR or other trusted servant, any position of

A Parents Death in Recovery

The NA program saved my life twice, once when I first got into recovery, and then again when my father passed away back in 2011. I was asked to write an article about my father’s passing away. This article is about how I used the principles of our NA program to not relapse, stay clean, and continue my recovery during this crisis.